Danuser building


From the conception of a project, Danuser´s objective is to work closely with our customers from beginning to end.  This close interaction ensures a cost-effective, reliable product that meets or exceeds your requirements.  Utilizing our in-house capabilities, over 100 years of experience, and the latest in technology, Danuser is positioned to bring your project from conception to shipment in a timely and detailed manner.

Danuser prototype and pre-production parts


Using Pro-E software and dedication to rapid prototype development, Danuser is able to produce prototype and pre-production parts for our customer's testing. Both the design work and the prototyping are done in house to ensure a quality product with a timely turn around.


We couple our Pro-E software and precision tooling to make dies and fixtures, providing reliable and consistent production of our customer's parts. Producing both the drawing and tooling in house decreases the lead time and ensures the highest quality.

danuser order processing


Danuser uses the latest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to procure raw materials, schedule shop floor production, track manufacturing processes, manage outside services, and ship products. We are simply a one-stop shop.

danuser fabrication


Utilizing the latest in high-speed CNC sawing and press technology, Danuser can competitively cut, shear, form, and bend fabricated parts and assemblies from various shapes of bars and tubes.

danuser robotic and manual welding


Danuser uses the latest in welding technology to produce the highest quality weld at a low cost. We utilize pivot table and two-station robotic welders for assemblies of a few inches up to five feet in length. We also use automated welders and have an experienced manual welding team.

danuser machining


Danuser uses the latest in machining technology to machine parts with the highest precision. Various CNC turning centers, including fully automated dual turret lathes, machine parts from bar stock up to four inches in diameter. Larger diameter parts can easily be accommodated in our other CNC lathes. We also utilize several six- and eight-spindle screw machines with capacities up to 3-1/4 inches in diameter. Our vertical and horizontal CNC machine centers are equipped with multiple pallets large enough to machine parts in excess of 300 lbs. We also have various secondary lathes, mills, and drill presses.

danuser assembly and powder coating


Various assembly operations are performed for our customers. We also utilize a powder coat paint system as a value-added process, making parts ready for your production line.