Backhoe & Excavator Mount Specification Form

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Backhoe & Excavator Mount Specification Form

Please fill in as many fields as possible. Additional information and photos are strongly appreciated.

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Do not exceed the rated operating capacity of your vehicle. The addition of a Hammer adds
up to 1200 lbs. of additional weight to the end of the dipper stick. Verify that the vehicle has
sufficient lifting capacity, in each of the different vehicle positions, to safely operate the Hammer.
On Hammers with a grapple, the post weight will need to be considered as additional weight for lifting capacity considerations.

Quick Coupler or Pin-on Mount
Must fill out either Quick Coupler or Dimensions for Pin-on Mount
Quick Coupler
If your vehicle uses a quick coupler, answer the following questions.
If your vehicle uses a pin-on mount, skip to Dimensions for Pin-on Mount.

Dimensions for Pin-on Mount