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Most shooters will agree the two main causes of inaccurate shooting are due to flinching and lack of practice. Danuser Recoil products not only reduce flinching but also makes practice more enjoyable! Think what this can mean to any, woman, or child. By shooting with the knowledge there'll be no pain or soreness, you can concentrate more on your target.

Which Product is right for you?

counter coil

The Counter Coil® is a true adjustable hydraulic shock absorbing unit. The hydraulic cylinder compresses, absorbing the shock of recoil and decelerates the rearward thrust of the firearm. The Counter Coil® is the perfect recoil solution for the professional shooter/hunter.

comp coil

The Comp Coil is a "compression spring" shock absorbing unit. In most cases the Comp Coil can be mounted on semi-auto firearms. The Comp Coil is a good solution for the sportsman looking to improve their accuracy and comfort when shooting.